About Us

Where it all began…

Established in 2004, Kyle Baxter set up a small party business hosting sports-themed birthdays for children. Since then, Coach Kyle has become well-known and well-loved around children and quickly developed a reputation for being a hands-on coach, who was willing to go the extra mile.

As the requests for parties increased, so did the concept of Coach Kyle. Now, sixteen years on, Kyle and his team offer sports and adventure holiday clinics in addition to birthday parties, making school breaks easy for parents and fun for kids. While there is a growing demand for our services, we at Coach Kyle pride ourselves on being a boutique company in that we keep numbers small in order to give children the individual attention that they deserve.

Where we are today…

Coach Kyle’s right hand man, best coach and friend, Cristian Vitali is now the new owner of Coach Kyle Parties. Many of you know him as Coach Cris, and may have seen him around, either on the sports field, or at some of the previous Coach Kyle Parties. Coach Cris has a passion for sport and working with children, and has been an active sports role model for many children for the last five years.

Working closely with Kyle over the years, this two man team has exceeded all party and coaching expectations when working together. Coach Cris will now be managing all parties, holiday clinics as well as offering one-on-one or group coaching.

We look forward to continuing the Coach Kyle reputation, offering high quality, excellent service to ensure you all children have the best time.

Where can I book?

Bookings can be made online, via email or WhatsApp messenger. Coach Kyle Parties service most of the Greater Cape Town region, however location and venue requests can be discussed and arrangements can be made.

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To book your children's birthday, fill out the form below or email us on bookings@coachkyle.co.za